Whitmer Disappointed In Michigan Supreme Court Ruling

Governor Whitmer says the Michigan Supreme Court has “undermined” efforts to control COVID-19 by ruling state law doesn’t give her the authority to extend or declare states of emergency with the pandemic. On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning, Whitmer said she’s disappointed and said President Trump’s diagnosis is proof that COVID-19 remains a “very real” threat. Attorney General Dana Nessel says she will no longer enforce executive orders through prosecution but adds it is her hope that people continue to “abide by the measures” the governor enacted such as wearing masks, adhering to social distancing and staying home when sick.

Whitmer is also asking for a clarification on when the ruling takes effect.

Source: WSJM
Full story at: https://www.wsjm.com/2020/10/05/whitmer-disappointed-in-michigan-supreme-court-ruling/

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