Upton: Voters – Not Judges or Politicians – Must Decide Elections


St. Joseph Congressman Fred Upton has made it crystal clear where he stands on any attempt by President Trump or others to stand in the way of the Electoral College vote certification process this week.

Upton issued the following statement, announcing that on January 6th he will not support objections to formally certifying the Electoral College vote:

“Voters – not judges or politicians – must decide elections. These objections would establish a new precedent allowing the Congress to supersede the will of the people. There have been no cases of fraud discovered that would overturn President-elect Biden’s 154,000 vote victory in Michigan.”

Stay tuned.

Source: Moody on the Market
Full story at: https://www.moodyonthemarket.com/upton-voters-not-judges-or-politicians-must-decide-elections/

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