Unlock Michigan Collects 500,000+ Signatures For Repeal Of 1945 Law

A group called Unlock Michigan has collected half a million signatures from voters across the state as they look to rein in emergency powers Governor Whitmer has been using during the pandemic. Fred Wszolek is the spokesperson for Unlock Michigan. He says undoing the 1945 law the governor has cited will force her to work with the Legislature.

“We set a goal of collecting 500,000 ballot signatures and it would be put before the Legislature for a prompt vote,” says Wszolek. “We hit our goal. We’re 500,000 signatures now and we’re winding down. We will submit the paperwork relatively soon.”

He says they collected the record number of signatures in less than 80 days. If they’re certified by the state, the Legislature could approve the change without the governor’s approval.

Source: WSJM
Full story at: https://www.wsjm.com/2020/09/24/unlock-michigan-collects-500000-signatures-for-repeal-of-1945-law/

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