Unemployment Insurance Reform Bills Introduced in 2021


House Bill # Senate Bill # Description Introduced
SB 2 Increase maximum number of UI weeks from 20 to 26 1/13/2021
HB 4336  SB 0168  Increase maximum weekly benefit amount from 4.1% to 6.1% of high quarter wage 2/24/2021
HB 4335  SB 0169  Increase weekly maximum benefit amount to $593 and then to 58% of average weekly wage 2/24/2021
HB 4334  SB 0170  Raise dependent allowance from $6 to $20 and maximum benefit duration from 20 to 26 weeks 2/24/2021
HB 4337  SB 0171  Modify multiplier used to determine wage eligibility (lower the high-quarter earnings requirement) 2/24/2021
HB 4338  SB 0172  Establish ABC test to determine what workers can be considered independent contractors 2/24/2021
HB 4339  SB 0173  Eliminate provisions regarding seasonal workers 2/24/2021
HB 4340  SB 0174  Allow low-wage (less than family of 4 pov. level) school employees to collect UI during summer months 2/24/2021
HB 4341  SB 0175  Expand unemployment benefits for certain employees during a declared emergency 2/24/2021
HB 4342  SB 0176  Modify nonmonetary eligibility and qualification for benefits (look at most recent employment only) 2/24/2021
HB 4434  Require UI agency to use plain language (4th grade level) in communications and determinations 3/4/2021
HB 4435  Increase income and asset thresholds for eligibility for restitution waivers 3/4/2021
HB 4436  Provide for appeal process for recipient of improperly paid unemployment benefits 3/4/2021
HB 4438  Decrease percentage of wages permitted to be garnished to recover improperly collected benefits 3/4/2021
HB 4439  Require review (audit) of computer system algorithms and logic formulas used by UI agency 3/4/2021
HB 4440  Reserve amount in contingent fund for payments to claimants affected by erroneous fraud determinations 3/4/2021
HB 4441  Provide for income tax deduction for unemployment benefits 3/4/2021
HB 4442  Modify accrual of causes of action and statute of limitations on accusations of UI fraud 3/4/2021
HB 4504  Increase employer penalty for deficient contributions to UI trust fund 3/11/2021
HB 4505  Require UIA to annually report unpaid and delinquent contributions to the legislature 3/11/2021
HB 4506  Require employers to report tips in their quarterly reports of employees’ wages 3/11/2021
HB 4507  Strike provision regarding absences without notice by employee who involuntarily leaves employment 3/11/2021
HB 4508  Decrease earnings requirements of requalifying claimants 3/11/2021
HB 4509  Strike required conditions of employee involuntarily leaving employment for a medical reason 3/11/2021

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