State Roadside Parks Reopening Next Week


The Michigan Department of Transportation is reopening all of its roadside parks this month. Spokesperson Dan Weingarten tells WSJM News MDOT has 85 roadside parks around the state, offering everyone a scenic place to stop when they’re traveling non-major highways.

“These are scenic turnouts scattered throughout the state, mostly in rural areas,” Weingarten said. “They are distinguished from our welcome centers and rest areas by being more rustic. Typically these have a picnic area and pit toilets and a parking area, a dog walk. Things like that.”

Most of the roadside parks close for the winter. They’ll all be back open April 30, although it may take a little longer for the water to be turned on at some of them due to testing requirements. In Berrien County, there’s an MDOT roadside park on M-140 south of Watervliet. The Jonas Roadside Park has what MDOT calls an “artesian spring.” You can find a map and list of all the MDOT roadside parks in the state right here.

Source: WSJM
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