State Promotes Anti Substance Abuse’s Website At Rest Stops

There are posters for, the anti-drug abuse website and app, at all 77 Michigan Department of Transportation rest stops this Labor Day weekend. TalkSooner’s Vicki Kavanaugh tells WSJM News the campaign to prevent youth substance abuse gives parents information about growing threats to their kids and how to discuss them. She says the topic warrants an ongoing conversation between kids and parents starting at a young age.

“We want to make that growth get more developmentally appropriate, more mature, bring in more nuanced topics so that by the time your child is a young adult, you can really have some deep conversations,” Kavanaugh said.

With families hitting the road across Michigan this weekend, Kavanaugh says there will be lots of opportunities for discussions.

“One of the best places to have a conversation with your child on a topic that’s not super comfortable is the car. You can sit down, you’re not focusing on anything else, and you can have a good conversation.”

TalkSooner was started by a group of seven counties, including Berrien. You can learn more at or with its app.

Source: WSJM
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