St. Joseph Public Schools Board of Education Adopts New Student-Centered Strategic Plan


Students headed into the 2021-2022 academic year in the St. Joseph Public School system should be able to expect to be cared for both emotionally and academically according to the new strategic plan adopted Monday night by the Board of Education.

The board’s new plan is centered on equity and inclusion for all students and is the result of months of intense work by staff, administration, families and the full Board of Education. 

Interim Superintendent Kelly Gaideski says, “The commitment to ensure that every student is cared for emotionally and academically in St. Joseph Public Schools is strong. Our Strategic Planning Committees have dedicated their time and energy to create a plan that truly puts our students at the center, where they should be. I am incredibly grateful for each committee member and their deep level of thinking and planning to ensure that ALL means ALL.”

Four subcommittees were formed to begin the intense work around creating this new plan. Those Committees included:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Schoolwide Systems and Structures
  • Family and Community Partnerships
  • Policies and Procedures

Within each committee, members developed prioritized commitments and created action steps for the areas that needed to begin immediately. The committees combined to contribute more than 625 hours of time creating the plan.

This first-year plan is part of a three-to-five year framework that will continue to be developed under the direction of incoming Superintendent Jenny Fee. The Strategic Plan includes five goal areas with three-to-five commitments under each goal.

The goal areas are:

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Systems of Support
  • Framework for Learning
  • Communication Systems & Business Services
  • Partnerships and Projects

You can view the full one year plan located on the St. Joseph Public Schools website at this link: 

School Board President Barry Conybeare says, “The Board of Education is committed to the vision of removing fences to create equitable, inclusive, and safe learning and working environments for ALL, and this strategic plan will pave the way to make the vision a reality.” He adds, “I am proud of the work of our stakeholders in creating a strategic plan that is focused on equity and inclusion for every student in St. Joseph Public Schools. This is good work and the right work. I look forward to seeing great things develop as this plan is implemented for our students, staff, administrators, and community.”

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