St. Joseph City Commission Approves Lighting Downtown Trees

60,000 lights will be on 84 trees in downtown St. Joseph from November 16th until March 1. The city commission approved spending $11,400 on the project Monday. St. Joseph Today director Amy Zapal presented the case to the commission, saying HouseMaster of St. Joseph will own the lights and maintain them.

“They’ll own the lights and they’ll put them up. As soon as it needs to be repaired,  if there’s a bulb that goes out or if there is damaged in a storm or by weather or vandalism, they’ll replace that as quickly as they can,” said Zapal. “They’re suggesting within 24 hours.”

They, Cornerstone Alliance, the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber and the Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council will spend $4,000 each as well. 38 trees on State Street will be lit along with 18 on Broad Street and 28 on Pleasant Street.

Source: WSJM
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