Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber Advising Businesses As COVID Continues

The Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber is telling businesses to continue following the public health guidance coming from local and federal officials following a Michigan Supreme Court ruling last week that undid some of the governor’s emergency orders. Chamber President Arthur Havlicek tells WSJM News new orders are in place from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services regarding masks and distancing.

“Those definitely carry the weight of law, and the attorney general has already said she will be enforcing any penalties for violations,” Havlicek said.

Havlicek says many businesses were left wondering what to do after Friday’s ruling. Now that restrictions are back in place under a different framework, he says the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber is looking to the future.

“I am very hopeful that this Supreme Court ruling will mean that the executive office works more closely with the legislative branch to create a framework of policies and funds to help businesses through the rest of this pandemic.”

Havlicek says that also applies to the federal government. He asks all customers of local businesses to be patient and understand the places they’re frequenting want to protect customers and remain open. Havlicek notes the absence of emergency orders from the governor does not mean the absence of COVID-19.

Source: WSJM
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