South Haven Suspends All Non-Emergency Water/Sewer Connections


Recognizing fully the disruption that sub-surface work for water and sewer lines causes at any time of the year, the particularly tough task of such work during the winter is causing the City of South Haven to officially suspend any and all non-emergency water and sewer connection work for the winter.

South Haven City Engineer Mike Dopp says, “In order to minimize inconvenience to vehicular traffic, the city attempts to limit pavement removal during the winter months. The city anticipates that all local asphalt plants will be closing for the winter within the next 1-2 weeks. That limits the availability to restore the roadway surface after utility repairs.”

Dopp further reports, “The Van Buren County Road Commission and Allegan County Road Commission will not issue Right of Way Permits for the placement of water and sewer services by mid-November. All work outside the city limits cannot be permitted through these agencies.”

He concludes, “As a result, the City of South Haven is suspending all non-emergency water and sewer connections for the winter season. Customers who are experiencing a water or sewer service emergency will still be assisted. However, individuals who request a water or sewer service connection for new construction will be required to wait until spring for installation.”

Source: Moody on the Market
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