RESA, Police Team Up For Handle With Care Program

Berrien RESA is once again teaming up with the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department and Michigan State Police for the Handle with Care program. RESA Superintendent Eric Hoppstock tells WSJM News through the program, RESA will be notified when something traumatic happens to a child.

“It is having an officer or an emergency responder contact the school to say this student was involved in an event,” Hoppstock said. “They don’t really tell us what, but they let us know that the student was involved in an event where you may want to pay extra attention to that student as they enter school.”

Hoppstock says Handle with Care was brought to Berrien County last year, and although it fortunately was only used a handful of times, it showed a benefit.

“We at least have comments that it was so very helpful.”

Hoppstock says RESA will be told when something traumatic happened to a child, and then RESA will tell the child’s school. This way, if a child is behaving in an unusual way, his or her teacher will know the reason.

Source: WSJM
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