“Purple Heroin,” New Opioid Drug May Pose Danger In Michigan

Public health officials warn a new drug dubbed “purple heroin” has been linked to overdoses in the Upper Peninsula and the death of one person in southwestern Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reports that the drug consists of synthetic opioid fentanyl, acetaminophen and a new drug called brorphine, among other substances. The Michigan Poison Center at Wayne State University issued an alert recently. Varun Vohra, a director of the center, said they want to make sure the drug doesn’t make its way downstate. Excluding Michigan, brorphine is linked to at least seven deaths in the country.

Source: WSJM
Full story at: https://www.wsjm.com/2020/10/19/purple-heroin-new-opioid-drug-may-pose-danger-in-michigan/

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