Pine Rest to Partner With Spectrum Health Lakeland for Psychiatry Clinic in St. Joe

Riding the crest of last weekend’s observation of World Mental Health Day, there’s word today that Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, based in Grand Rapids, is adding a new clinic in St. Joseph, slated to open some time next month.

That’s just part of a multi-faceted expansion of services currently underway involving Pine Rest outpatient clinics in Caledonia, Grandville and Hastings, according to the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

Reporter Ehren Wynder says that a new Psychiatry Consultation Clinic in St. Joseph is being formed in partnership with Spectrum Health Lakeland, to “perform medication management assessment and consultation, then refer individuals back to their primary care provider for ongoing maintenance once medications have been stabilized.”

Wynder quotes Spectrum Health Lakeland Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Lowell Hamel, as saying, “Based on data from the recent community health needs assessment, we know that mental health concerns are seen as one of the biggest health issues in our community.”

Hamel is also quoted as saying, “The newly established Psychiatry Consultation Clinic and our continued partnership with Pine Rest will provide a more coordinated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental health conditions in Southwest Michigan.”

There was no immediate indication where the new clinic would be physically anchored in the St. Joseph community.

Source: Moody on the Market
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