Palisades Back Online After Final Refueling Outage

The Palisades nuclear power plant in Van Buren County is now back online after going through its latest, and final, refueling and maintenance outage. The scheduled shutdown started on August 30, and Palisades began sending electricity back to the grid on Wednesday. Palisades Vice President Darrell Corbin says staff “worked diligently during the past several weeks to complete hundreds of tasks, inspections, and upgrades.” Palisades owner Entergy invested more than $86.5 million during the outage to ensure safety, security, and reliability through the end of the facility’s life in the spring of 2022. During the outage, the plant’s 600 full-time regular staff worked with around 800 supplemental workers to replace fuel in the reactor, and also inspect and upgrade hundreds of pipes, pumps, and electrical components. The refueling effort included extra safety measures due to COVID. Entergy says it put the additional staff up in individual hotel rooms and had meals brought to them from local restaurants.


Source: WSJM
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