Michigan Manufacturers Association Endorses Pro-Mfg Candidates

Recognizing the state’s manufacturing sector as “the largest source of job and wealth creation” in the entire state, the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) has announced today the endorsement of 66 pro-manufacturing candidates in the Michigan House of Representatives and two rule-of-law Michigan Supreme Court candidates in the upcoming General Election on Tuesday, November 3rd, and their list includes most of the State Reps serving Michigan’s Great Southwest.

MMA President & CEO John J. Walsh says, “Michigan manufacturing is the largest source of job and wealth creation in the state, driving local economies across Michigan,” and adds, “Michigan manufacturers compete with the lowest cost locations anywhere in the world, so it is imperative that state policymakers continuously seek ways to improve Michigan’s business climate and improve the competitive position for manufacturing job creators.”

Mike Johnston, MMA Vice President of Government Affairs, says, “We are confident that these 66 pro-manufacturing legislators understand the importance of manufacturing to Michigan’s economy,” and adds, “These candidates will drive the pro-manufacturing policies necessary to empower the manufacturing-driven economic recovery and to attract new investment and jobs in the Great Lakes State.”

With regard to the endorsement of Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack and Court of Appeals Judge Brock Swartzle, Walsh notes, “Businesses and economies thrive on predictability and consistency. We are confident that Justice McCormack and Judge Swartzle will defend the integrity of Michigan’s judicial system by upholding the objective rule of law.”

MMA is the only statewide association dedicated to representing Michigan’s diverse manufacturing sector and securing a prosperous future for the state’s largest and most vital industry.

Here is a list of the association’s endorsed candidacies:

MMA’s 2020 Endorsed Candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court

Bridget Mary McCormack

Brock Swartzle

MMA’s 2020 Endorsed Candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives

District  Candidate           Party

2             Joe Tate               D

13           Tullio Liberati     D

17           Joe Bellino          R

18           Kevin Hertel       D

19           Martha Ptashnik               R

21           Ranjeev Puri       D

24           Steve Marino     R

30           Diana Farrington              R

32           Pamela Hornberger         R

33           Jeff Yaroch          R

36           Douglas Wozniak              R

38           Chase Turner     R

39           Ryan Berman     R

42           Ann Bollin           R

43           Andrea Schroeder            R

44           Matt Maddock   R

47           Bob Bezotte        R

49           John Cherry        D

50           Tim Sneller         D

51           Mike Mueller     R

52           Donna Lasinski  D

56           TC Clements       R

57           Bronna Kahle     R

58           Andrew Fink       R

59           Steve Carra         R

61           Bronwyn Haltom              R

63           Matt Hall             R

64           Julie Alexander  R

65           Sarah Lightner   R

66           Beth Griffin        R

67           Nate Ross            R

70           Pat Outman        R

71           Angela Witwer  D

73           Bryan Posthumus             R

74           Mark Huizenga  R

75           David LaGrand   D

77           Tommy Brann    R

78           Brad Paquette    R

79           Pauline Wendzel              R

80           Mary Whiteford                R

81           Gary Eisen           R

82           Gary Howell       R

83           Andrew Beeler  R

84           Phil Green           R

85           Ben Frederick     R

86           Thomas Albert   R

87           Julie Calley          R

88           Luke Meerman  R

89           Jim Lilly R

90           Bradley Slagh     R

91           Greg Van Woerkom         R

93           Graham Filler     R

94           Rodney Wakeman           R

97           Jason Wentworth             R

98           Annette Glenn   R

99           Roger Hauck       R

100        Scott VanSingel R

101        Jack O’Malley     R

102        Michele Hoitenga            R

103        Daire Rendon     R

104        John Roth            R

105        Ken Borton         R

106        Sue Allor              R

107        John Damoose   R

108        Beau LaFave       R

110        Gregory Markkanen        R

For nearly 120 years, the MMA has been serving Michigan manufacturers and related industries by providing effective representation at Michigan’s Capitol, timely educational seminars, quality and competitive-rate insurance programs, informational e-newsletters and a monthly magazine. You can visit online at mimfg.org for more information.

Source: Moody on the Market
Full story at: https://www.moodyonthemarket.com/michigan-manufacturers-association-endorses-pro-mfg-candidates/

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