MDOT Project Planned For M-139 In Royalton Township Next Year

A project to replace a culvert along M-139 in Royalton Township will be undertaken by the Michigan Department of Transportation next year. MDOT spokesperson Nick Schirripa tells WSJM News they’ll be working between Linco Road and John Beers Road.

“Early in 2021, January through March, we’ll be doing some tree clearing, and most of that is obviously off the road,” Schirripa said. “There may be some shoulder closures during that time and an occasional lane closure, but nothing that would have too much of an impact on traffic. But then July through September, we’ll do the actual culvert replacement and road reconstruction.”

Schirripa says the culvert is at a Buckhorn Creek, but good luck finding that on a map. The detour will take drivers down Linco to Hollywood and over to John Beers. Semis will be rerouted around the area on I-94. MDOT notified Royalton Township of its plans this week.

Source: WSJM
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