Market Van Buren Gets Funds To Help Businesses

Market Van Buren has received a grant from the Consumers Energy Foundation to help businesses hurt by COVID-19. Market Van Buren has released the following:

Market Van Buren has received a $10,000 grant from the Consumers Energy Foundation to support small businesses throughout Van Buren County.

The grant will support implementation of a Business Resilience Program for small business owners impacted by COVID-19. Staff will work with these small businesses on developing a resilience plan that encompasses areas such as talent pipeline, supply chain management, communication, online presence, resource availability, succession planning, and retooling opportunities.

“Small businesses form the backbone of our state’s economy, and we at Consumers Energy are working every day to help them until Michigan defeats the pandemic,” said Brandon Hofmeister, President of the Consumers Energy Foundation. “We are happy to work with local economic development organizations that know their communities’ needs best and are making sure our new contributions are having the biggest impact.”

“Small businesses in Van Buren County have a continued need for support as they progressively reopen and simultaneously prepare for unanticipated challenges. I am excited about collaborating with small business owners to create a resilience plan that helps support them now and in the years to come,” said Market Van Buren Executive Director, Zach Morris.

Small business owners in Van Buren County are encouraged to reach out to Zach Morris for more information at (269) 519-6142 or via email at

Source: WSJM
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