League announces 2022 Budget Priorities

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2022 Budget Priorities

Staying true to its vision that Michigan residents of all races, places and income levels should have the opportunity to thrive and find economic security, the League has identified the following budget priorities for 2022:

Overview of 2022 Budget Recommendations

Overarching priorities
Address the racial, ethnic and social justice impact of state budget and tax decisions

Stop the erosion of state tax revenues

Meet the basic needs of Michigan children, older adults and people with disabilities
Update income and food assistance policies

Ensure safe housing with rental assistance

Protect healthcare coverage

Strengthen educational outcomes in Michigan from cradle to career
Help parents with low wages find affordable, high-quality child care

Provide more state funding to public schools in high-poverty communities

Increase adult education funding to prepare more workers for job training and skilled work

Eliminate the School Aid Fund shift

Invest in local infrastructure to ensure communities have the resources they need to rebuild from ongoing public health crises
Protect Michiganders from environmental health threats

Ensure that Michigan’s cities, villages, townships and counties have the resources they need to address the fallout of the COVID-19 public health crisis



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