I&M Warns Against Posting Signs of Any Kind on Utility Poles

You see them all the time. Garage sale signs, lost pet flyers, political bumper stickers, and more plastered to utility poles around the neighborhood. Here’s something you might not know. In some communities, that is prohibited outright, but in all cases, the folks at Indiana Michigan Power Company want you to know that it is dangerous. Not only for the general public, but for utility company employees as well.

I&M is taking time out today to remind everyone about the dangers and prohibitions against posting signs on their poles, especially as the political campaign season ramps up.

I&M says that posting signs on utility poles within the public right-of-way is actually prohibited in some localities, including Fort Wayne and South Bend.

Objects used to hang signs — such as tacks, staples and nails – can cause injuries to anyone who touches the pole. Utility workers need to access the poles to ensure reliability of electric service.

Objects in or on the pole can obstruct climbing equipment, causing a worker to slip or fall. Those same objects can tear the protective clothing that shields a worker from electricity. Even the tiniest pinhole in a glove is enough to cause a burn or other injury.

Additionally, after several signs are hung and then taken down, the utility warns that the integrity of the pole itself can become compromised.

Hanging signs on utility poles – whether they concern yard sales, upcoming events, jobs, services, candidates for election or any other topic – is dangerous. I&M thanks the public for refraining from posting signs on utility poles.

Source: Moody on the Market
Full story at: https://www.moodyonthemarket.com/im-warns-against-posting-signs-of-any-kind-on-utility-poles/

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