Illinois Bio-Tech Firm Relocating to the Region with $10-M Investment

A bio-tech manufacturer relocating to the region will revive an historic 530,000 square foot building on a 35-acre campus that has sat empty for more than a decade, as the company shifts operations to Michigan City with a multi-million dollar investment and new jobs.

Aquagenics Technologies is relocating its headquarters, R&D and manufacturing operations from Illinois and reviving that historic, but vacant, building.

Aquagenics is a bioscience company focused on the manufacture and distribution of advanced green chemistries and anti-microbial technologies. As a part of the company’s development efforts, it actively supplies anti-microbial solutions which are regulated by the EPA, FDA and USDA in the fight against Covid19.

By moving into Michigan City from Illinois, Aquagenics Technologies will expand its current footprint while also bringing its centralized operations to the region. The company operates in a number of different verticals primarily in the water treatment, filtration and sanitizer sectors. Aquagenics Technologies develops and produces products with the mission of making cleaner and safer environments for its customers in the industrial, medical, government and retail sectors. The company has over 400 SKUs and produces millions of units of product based on its own developed intellectual property.

Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry says, “We are delighted that Michigan City continues to attract high tech companies that are seeking a high quality of life, great workforce, and a progressive community,” and adds, “My administration is working tirelessly to promote Michigan City and will continue to work to bring more high paying jobs for our residents.”

Aquagenics Technologies will be investing more than $10 million and creating 100 new jobs with very competitive wages for the Michigan City facility. The company anticipates closing on the property and will begin to migrate significant operations in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Aquagenics Technologies President, Aaron Powers says, “Michigan City is very business-friendly and working with the EDCMC made the process seamless. The tax abatement will allow us to further reduce the overall costs of this project and bring a great project to the community. Indiana remains a favorable location for manufacturing. We are looking forward to being part of your community.”

The tax abatement was approved unanimously by the Michigan City Common Council at a meeting Tuesday night and will save the company about $814,677.00 over 7 years.

City of Michigan City officials and EDCMC staff working with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation representatives coordinated the team effort to make the project a success for the State of Indiana.

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