Huntington Announces $5 Billion Michigan Plan


Huntington is putting $5 billion into the state in a lending, investment, and philanthropic commitment to help the financial opportunities for businesses, consumers, and communities. They and Governor Whitmer announced the money Wednesday, saying the plan was developed in cooperation with the governor and community organizations to ensure the bank’s commitment reflects the needs of everyone in the state.

“It’s really great news for our small businesses, and business owners who have been facing unprecedented challenges as we’ve been facing COVID-19 over these last six months,” said Whitmer.

“Today, I’m really excited to announce Huntington Bank’s five-billion dollar commitment to help boost economic opportunity for people and businesses throughout our great state,” said Huntington’s Sandy Pearce.

In the next several months, the bank will announce specific initiatives to support small businesses, consumers and communities. The plan will evolve as Huntington continues to listen and take action to meet the changing needs of Michigan’s communities.

Source: WSJM
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