Honor Credit Union Shred Days Remove 38-Tons from the Carbon Footprint

Anytime you can successfully shred more than 38-tons of unwanted documents and save almost 650 trees in the process, that’s great news for Michigan’s environment. Such was the case in recent weeks as the team at Honor Credit Union conducted a series of 2020 Free Community Shred Days across nearly a dozen communities where they host branch or headquarters operations.

Nearly twice that many member center communities played a part in shredding 75,972 pounds of materials for members and residents of the community.

Honor’s Free Community Shred Days were conducted in partnership with Data Guardian and Country Mile Shredding Service, wherein community members were invited to bring in their confidential documents to be safely destroyed through a contact-free method. The events promote the protection of personal information and a chance to recycle all unused papers at no cost to those bringing the documents in.

Here are the results of the 2020 Shred Days by community:

  • Decatur- 6,800 lbs.
  • Allegan- 1,040 lbs.
  • Paw Paw- 6,450 lbs.
  • Operations Center- 12,800 lbs.
  • Battle Creek Helmer- 5,112 lbs.
  • Coldwater-2,300 lbs.
  • Portage- 8,400 lbs.
  • Niles- 5,900 lbs.
  • St. Joseph- 9,770 lbs.
  • South Haven- 6,600 lbs.
  • Gwinn- 10,800 lbs.
  • Trees saved- 649 trees

The results go far beyond simply thousands of pounds of paper recycled. By accomplishing this incredible work, the environment wins, as well. Thanks to the shred days, there were these metrics that make a difference in the community:

  • Oil saved- 14,435 gallons
  • Water saved- 279,303 gallons
  • Landfill saved- 123 cubic yards
  • CO2 absorbed by trees- 31,168 pounds per year
  • Total shredded- 75,972 pounds

These efforts support Honor’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The green initiative is also demonstrated through services such as online or mobile banking and paperless e-statements. If you missed it and would like to be part of it next year, the 2021 Free Community Shred Day schedule will be released early next year.

Honor Credit Union is proud to serve more than 85,000 members across the State of Michigan, by providing solutions for financial success and giving back to the communities they serve. Those tenets remain the driving forces behind Honor Credit Union. For more information, call 800.442.2800, or visit online at http://www.honorcu.com

Source: Moody on the Market
Full story at: https://www.moodyonthemarket.com/honor-credit-union-shred-days-remove-38-tons-from-the-carbon-footprint/

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