Final Berrien County Community Recycling Event of the Year is October 10th

Jill Adams loves a successful recycling event, and as such, she was delighted with the overwhelming success of Septembers community recycling event conducted at Silver Beach. Adams, who serves as Environmental Property Manager for the Berrien County Parks & Recreation Department, says, “Thank you to the 575 local residents who put in an extra effort to make sure their items were recycled and disposed properly at the event last month.” As event coordinator, she tells us the turnout at the September event was the largest turn out at the Silver Beach event ever.

With that in mind, if you missed it, or have already accumulated a new stockpile for recycling, you’ll want to be sure and make it to the final 2020 Berrien County Community Recycling Event taking place on Saturday, October 10th.

Accepted items will include:

  • Household chemicals and medications
  • Hard foam or polystyrene
  • Electronics
  • Personal documents for onsite shredding

The collection event will run from 8 am to 12 Noon at the Southeast Berrien County Landfill Recycling Center located at 3200 Chamberlain Road in Buchanan. This event, like the last one, is drive-thru only and open to Berrien County residents. No business waste will be accepted.

There is a fee of $10 per computer monitor and $20 per television, which is due at the event.  All other accepted items are collected free of charge, however, donations are appreciated and accepted to help defray collection costs.

Household chemicals include liquids, cleaners, oils, and chemicals from your garage, yard and garden, workshop, basement, under the sink, and items from your medicine cabinet. Examples include oil-based paint, used motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, pesticides and yard chemicals, pool chemicals, unwanted pills, medical sharps, fluorescent light bulbs and tubes, and batteries of all sizes. An item that is not accepted it latex paint. Do not bring latex paint. Either use up the latex paint, recycle it at Ace Hardware in St. Joseph or Stevensville for a fee, or dry it out and place it in with regular household trash.

Hard foam or polystyrene includes foam coolers, cups, “to-go” containers, egg cartons, foam block packaging, and Styrofoam. Foam must be clean and dry with nothing else attached to it. Packing peanuts and soft foam will NOT be accepted.

Electronics include anything with a cord or items that run on batteries from a household. There is a fee of $10 per computer monitor and $20 per TV. Other items are free to drop off and include computer towers, printers, DVD/VCR players, phones, power tools, vacuum cleaners, small and large appliances, dehumidifiers, etc.

Document shredding services are for paper documents from residents only. Remove any plastic or metal items such as CDs, binders, dividers, and plastic folders. Staples are ok to leave in. Documents will be shredded on-site.

More event details can be found at the link below, or you can call the Berrien County Parks Department, 269-983-7111 x8234. Here’s the direct link:

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