Fall Colors Just Around The Corner

The fall is about here, and that will mean opportunities for color tours. County Road Association of Michigan spokesperson Dustin Earley tells WSJM News they survey the individual road departments and commissions in Michigan’s 83 counties to get a list of the best roads to see fall colors.

“They’re kind of those country roads that take you a little bit off the beaten path, that take you through the beautiful, stretching roads of Michigan,” Earley said. “They’re the ones that aren’t quite as busy, they’re lined with trees and get you out there.”

In Berrien County, Earley says the prime viewing time will be October 7 through October 14. The recommended roads for the best views are Blue Star Highway along Lake Michigan from Van Buren County to M-63, M-63 south to St. Joseph, and Red Arrow Highway from Stevensville to New Buffalo.

Source: WSJM
Full story at: https://www.wsjm.com/2020/09/20/fall-colors-just-around-the-corner/

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