Downtown Christmas Lights This Year Paid By City Of St. Joseph, Not DDA


Christmas lights in the city of St. Joseph will be paid for this year by the city instead of the Downtown Development Authority. The city commission gave unanimous approval to spending the $27,000 through the capital improvement projects. Mayor Pro Tem Laura Goos called it a good idea.

“I know this is a large portion of their annual budget,” said Goos. “I also have been giving some thought to the general enjoyment of the lights. It’s not just the downtown merchants that benefit from those, but each of us as residents benefit from them.”

She called a wise investment. Commissioner Jeff Richards agreed.

“It’s a delightful project and puts us in the Christmas spirit. It goes along with the other downtown decorations, the large tree, and I think we’re doing the lightposts, too,” said Richards.

The DDA is working on a plan to bring larger projects to the city commission.

Source: WSJM
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