County Land Auction Attracts Record Number Of Bidders

Berrien County Treasurer Shelly Weich says this past weekend’s Berrien County Land Auction went well in its first ever online iteration. She updated the Berrien County Board of Commissioners on Thursday.

“We actually had a surprising 233 bidders, the highest we’ve ever had, which resulted in 111 properties of 190 parcels that I had for sale selling for $1,142,451,” Weich said.

Weich said the online format enabled more bidders to take part.

“All 34 structures sold, along with 77 vacant lots. So I’m very pleased, very pleased.”

There had been some complaints out of Benton Harbor that the online format and its requirement of a $1,000 deposit would limit participation, and Weich said she and her staff did the best they could. The rules were set by the vendor, The next auction, to sell off foreclosed properties that weren’t sold on Saturday, will be November 3.

Source: WSJM
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