County Accepts Grant To Cover COVID Costs

A grant of $377,000 is being accepted by Berrien County to help recoup COVID-19 related costs. Community Development Director Dan Fette told the Berrien County Board of Commissioners Thursday the funds come from the federal CARES act in the form of Community Development Block Grants. The money is needed.

“In eligible, reimbursable costs we are certainly well over $500,000 right now, and that doesn’t account for personnel costs that we haven’t added into that, additional benefits costs and so forth,” Fette said. “I don’t have any question that we will use all of this money.”

Fette said the funds can be used for things like healthcare equipment and facilities, personal protective equipment, sanitation supplies, and COVID related technology. He spoke to the county commission during a public hearing required for the acceptance of the money.

Source: WSJM
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