City Commission Approves New Community Concert


Benton Harbor City Commissioners have approved a new summer event in the community intended to give young people something positive to celebrate. During a Tuesday meeting, the city commission approved the Wilson Chandler Free Community Concert. The commission’s resolution says Chandler is working with local businesses and community leaders to host the community concert to showcase the city. Chandler, the first round NBA draft pick in 2007 for the New York Knicks, told commissioners why he wants to hold the event.

“I’m around all of the time,” Chandler said. “I grew up around the town, and just being out with the young kids, I’ll be out with them all of the time. I’m out playing with them, hanging out with them, taking to them, and they need something.”

All residents are invited to the concert, which will be free to attend. The proposed date for the concert is September 4, and a lineup hasn’t yet been announced. City officials will now work with Chandler’s group on planning the event.

Source: WSJM
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