Big Donation For Benton Harbor Area Schools

Benton Harbor Area Schools is the recipient of a major donation from the Whirlpool Charity Golf event. Superintendent Andrae Townsel made the announcement during a Tuesday meeting.

“We are very thankful to the Whirlpool Charity Golf Event whereas they donated $200,000 to the Benton Harbor Education Foundation, and we will ensure that we put those funds to use for our young people,” Townsel said.

Townsel said the money will be used specifically for home visits to the homes of 400 students with professional student advocates. He also had an enrollment update.

“We have 87 new enrolled students to Benton Harbor Area Schools, and 104 students returning to Benton Harbor Area Schools.”

Townsel said he’s hearing from parents who want their kids to be Tigers, and the district welcomes them with open arms. However, he did not say how many students the district lost this year.

Source: WSJM
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