Bids for Barks 2.0 Committee Goes Online Auction Route in 4 Paws Sake, Now Open

Regardless of world conditions, Paws of Hope in Southwest Michigan is now, always has been and always will be focused on the mission of compassionate care for the animals of Michigan’s Great Southwest. So, even though the global coronavirus pandemic has thrown a lot of monkey wrenches in their path, they will not be stopped at that mission. Unfortunately, to maintain a robust presence in the lives of the animals requires the financial resources to do it in the best way possible.

Even though they scheduled and rescheduled their massive annual event, Bids for Barks 2.0, government restrictions on crowd size continually prohibited them from establishing a firm date for everyone to gather for the next party.

Rather than sit on the sidelines and worry, the indomitable crew of volunteers who make the event happen year after year rolled up their shirtsleeves, pivoted to a new model and are now underway with “4 Paws Sake” an Online Auction that began at midnight this morning and will continue through Sunday thanks to underwriting support from Pier 1000 Marina, The Mark III Restaurant, and Starks Family Funeral Homes and Cremation Services.

In addition to rescuing and facilitating the adoption of homeless animals, Paws of Hope has expanded their services to assist pet owners who are suffering financial hardships by providing food and other assistance to prevent them from having to give up their beloved pets.

While the pandemic has precluded them from hosting their big annual dinner auction in support of Paws of Hope, the committee has assembled a world-class auction which you can access right now online and bid on many of the same fabulous items that would have been on display at the dinner had the event been able to march forward. So now, you don’t even have to find a new dress or figure out how else to impress your friends and neighbors, you can just curl up in your PJs, sign on, and bid away.

Yeah, they know you ‘ve been in your PJs on the couch for months now and tired of social distancing, so while this round has gone virtual, you are cordially invited to put the next one on your calendar right now for Saturday, April 24th, 2021. That’s the official date of the next LIVE Bids for Barks 2.0 showcase and dinner/auction at the Lake Michigan College Mendel Center’s Grand Upton Hall.

So, fire up the computer, your iPad, your smartphone or whatever gets you online and kick off a round of “Retail Therapy” with the “4 Paws Sake” online auction. Here’s the direct link:

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