Dan Seibert

WSJM Morning News-9/16/2020

WSJM Morning News-9/16/2020 wsjm-morning-news-9/16/2020

WSJM Morning News-9/16/2020 WSJM News is sponsored by Special-Lite in Decatur & Benton Harbor. There’s a good chance you’ve walked through a special-lite door when you go to a local restaurant, school, store, or plant. In this edition: A bipartisan group of federal lawmakers held a press conference Tuesday to announce a new effort to […]

State Website Now Reporting COVID Numbers In Schools

State Website Now Reporting COVID Numbers In Schools state-website-now-reporting-covid-numbers-in-schools

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is now reporting the number of COVID-19 cases that appear in school outbreaks. Spokesperson Lynn Sutfin tells WSJM News they launched a page at the state’s coronavirus website on Monday. It will be updated weekly to show what schools have had outbreaks. “A COVID-19 outbreak is defined […]

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