Aerial Spraying For Mosquitoes In Allegan County Tonight

Aerial spraying for mosquitoes is being done around Michigan as more cases of eastern equine encephalitis are discovered. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson Lynn Sutfin tells WSJM News there has been one case of EEE in a person in the state this year, and several in horses. A deer in Allegan County was also found to be infected with EEE last week. With the cooler weather arriving, Sutfin tells us there’s good news and bad news.

“Bad news because these particular mosquitoes will not fly below 50 degrees, the ones that we are seeking that carry EEE,” Sutfin said. “But unfortunately, we are not seeing hard frost or hard freeze. You need several consecutive days of 28 degrees or below before you’re going to see a kill off of the mosquitoes.”

The state this year has sprayed for mosquitoes in several counties, covering 226,000 total acres. The spraying was to continue on Monday night in one area of Allegan County. EEE is often fatal to humans, and those who survive often have brain damage. Sutfin says additional counties could be sprayed if EEE is discovered in them.

Source: WSJM
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