AAA: Only 21% Planning Holiday Trip In Michigan

Triple-A Michigan says we are cautiously working on holiday travel plans. They have a new survey that found 21% are planning a trip, down half from last year. One in seven, or 14%, are still considering a trip. 78% of Michiganders are concerned about traveling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but confidence is improving as 45% say they’re more comfortable traveling now than when the pandemic began. Most, at 72%, are more comfortable driving for their trip and 61% say they’re still too concerned to fly. Almost half of Michiganders at 47%, with access to virtual work or school, say they are more likely to travel this fall due to the flexibility of these virtual options. Most of them – 71% – say they work from home more often due to the pandemic and a quarter of them have someone in the household who has attended virtual school. Additionally aside from the pandemic, 18% say they’ve postponed travel due to the presidential electon in November, with half of them citing safety concerns.

Source: WSJM
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