A message from League President & CEO Gilda Z. Jacobs: The Marathon

Well, Election Day is finally here. And I know many of you have been working tirelessly these last few months to get out the vote in Michigan. Your efforts are so important, and I applaud you for giving your own time in order to make sure folks make it to the polls … as over 3 million Michiganders have done already.

The other day, I heard the old axiom, “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” in reference to campaigns. And it makes sense, of course, because election season is long—some might say too long. It requires endurance, strength and courage. It’s exhausting. It’s full of twists and turns.

But here at the League, we know an election is really just the starting line. The marathon begins today as we decide who leads us next. The hardest work is ahead of us. By all means, make sure every single person you know gets their vote in today (here are some last-minute voting tips). Once we leave the starting line, though, it’s time to turn the next corner and lay the groundwork for our leaders, whether newly-elected or incumbents.

In the days and months ahead, it’s our job to make sure those leaders have a clear understanding of our shared values and that they put the people of Michigan above all else. In these challenging times, it’s more urgent than ever that families, kids and workers have equitable access to the things they need. You have been helping the League push for policies that create safe and healthy communities, and now’s the time to push even harder.

It could be days—or longer—before we know the outcome of this historic election. That’s why our race begins today. So once your pre-race jitters are over (I know there’s plenty of nail-biting going on across the country right now), we need you to fuel up for the long run. Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Text “marathon” to 63566 to get updates when the League launches a new campaign, report, or action alert (we won’t text you more than once a week, we promise. Everyone has texting fatigue these days!)
  • Join the P3 (Prenatal-to-Three) Collaborative to get updates on how we can improve outcomes for Michigan’s infants and toddlers.
  • Learn more about Drive Michigan Forward, the campaign to reinstate driver’s licenses for all Michigan residents.
  • Take the League’s 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge to help dismantle white supremacy and build a more equitable state.
  • Subscribe to the League’s blog to read the latest on the issues you care about.
  • Follow the upcoming legislative Lame Duck session and watch for opportunities to advocate for important criminal justice reforms.
  • Get to know your new legislators-be a resource for them long after the election.

I know it’s been a long year. But I believe that no matter the outcome of today’s election, we have an obligation to keep running. Toward a finish line that embraces economic, racial and social justice.

Warm Regards,

Gilda Z. Jacobs
President & CEO


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